All about the Son

More and more as I study the Bible God continues to open my understanding to the simplicity of the Gospel. To many, God is just a Theology to debate and fight about. I am a Oneness believer that does not believe in the Trinity, but just because I believe that JESUS IS THE ALMIGHTY, and not a “second distinct person” in a three-in-one office called God, I am not afraid to confess that JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD in heaven right now. I am not Trinitarian, and neither do I believe in two gods. I am a Oneness believer to the soul.

I believe that as Oneness believers we have fought against the Trinity so hard for so long that some of us are afraid to confess that JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD because we think someone will believe we are Trinitarians. In some Apostolic groups, confessing that Jesus is the Son of God is almost like saying a curse word. If someone confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, sometimes we can be too quick to rebuke them and start proving that Jesus is God as if it is false doctrine to confess that He is the Son of God also. I am going to say it like this, IF THE APOSTLES PREACHED THAT JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD, so will I! That’s what the apostles’ doctrine is all about! We are supposed to preach what they preached no matter what Apostolics or Trinitarians think. We are supposed to believe what is written in the Scriptures for our learning without adding our own private interpretation or taking away from sound doctrine. We are not supposed to invent new ways, new beliefs, or new interpretations that contradict Scripture to try to be different from other religions and denominations. We cannot overcome false doctrine by inventing more false doctrine. That would be like trying to put out a fire with a flamethrower!

Having said all that, and understanding the truth about the Oneness of God, let us move unto perfection about understanding the knowledge of the Son of God. There is a purpose and specific reason in prophecy why GOD CREATED THE SON for the sake of saving us from our sins. God has given us His Word (Promise) from the beginning of the creation that He would have a Son, and that the Son would redeem us from the fall. In fact, before God even made the universe and all the elements of space and time, He ordained that the elements which He created would testify about the Son that would one day come into existence. The Son was not a pre-existent, separate person with God in the Beginning. Before the virgin conception, Jesus existed as the Father. Before the virgin conception, the Son was not in existence yet, but the Promise (Word) of the coming of a Son was foretold and awaited for.

Many times people misunderstand and confuse the foreknowledge of God with something that they think already exists because man has a big problem understanding how prophecy works. Oftentimes men attempt to understand prophecy from man’s viewpoint of time instead of God’s viewpoint from eternity. Man dwells in a space called TIME, and although God occupies time He still dwells in eternity because He never had a beginning and He will never have an end. So, time, from our viewpoint is shorter than God’s view of time. To us a thousand years is a long time, but a thousand years is like a day for God. These are some very basic principals to understand in order for you to really comprehend what I want to share with you about understanding the Son of God. When God speaks, to Him it is a present reality, but because we are creatures subject to time, we wait with hope and patience to see the fulfillment of what God foretells because time has to catch up with the thing that God spoke in advance. I will give you a very good example.

In the days of the prophet Isaiah, God said: “For unto us A CHILD IS BORN, unto us A SON IS GIVEN: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

Now, consider this example of prophecy. Isaiah prophesied that the CHILD IS BORN, and that the SON IS GIVEN as if the Son/Child was born in when he prophesied it. History has it that the Book of Isaiah was written around 740-680 before the Messiah was even born. Now, think about this. It did not take a complete 1,000 years for this prophecy to be fulfilled. I know some would think, “What’s so special about that?” In man’s eyes it took a long time to be fulfilled, but IN GOD’S eyes, it was not even as a complete day. On God’s measure of time, the prophecy was technically fulfilled on the same day, in His eyes, because it did not even take 1,000 years to be fulfilled.

More to come….


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