Doctrinal Unity

As a believer in what is written in the Holy Scriptures, I long to see the day when the true Church comes into “the Unity of the Faith” as the apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the saints in Ephesus. I am not talking about fake unity, which is really not unity at all, that is called compromise. Having a whole bunch of people together in one location, and accepting doctrinal differences without any effort to speak the same thing is not the “unity of the faith” that Paul wrote about. True unity of the faith includes unity in doctrine.

We are living in a time where so many ministers have doctrinal differences. This is the reason why you will find so much confusion among the members, because the leadership is not unified yet. So many people believe that we will never be able to agree on everything doctrinally. That is lie, and an open denial of “the unity of the faith” that is to come. When we measure up the doctrinal mentality of the Ministry in the Book of Acts to the doctrinal mentality of many of the modern-day ministers that claim to believe the apostles’ doctrine, we see a huge difference!

The whole Bishopric in the Book of Acts was completely unified in doctrine. They all believed the same thing! All the apostles taught the same doctrine! There were no doctrinal differences among the leadership. They kept perfect unity doctrinally, and they fought hard against false teachers that come and bring another doctrine that was against what they preached. The apostle Paul even was very bold to say if any man or angel bring another message, “Let them be accursed.” That goes with every single thing that the apostles taught. No picking and choosing what is “essential” doctrine. All of the doctrine is “essential” and if it is altered, “let them be accursed.”

I am at the point where I am sensitive to the Spirit of Truth to guide me into ALL truth, and not stopping where many within the apostolic churches have left off. There is more to the Apostles’ Doctrine than One God, and Act 2:38. Why stop there?! There is so much more truth that has been perverted that the Spirit of God is trying to guide His people into. We must believe in EVERYTHING the apostles taught, not just some of it. Not 99%, not 99.9%, but rather 100%. We must all believe the same thing if we really desire to really be like the Church in the Book of Acts, the true Church that Jesus built!

That means we are all supposed to believe the same thing. Is the Spirit of God responsible for teaching us all different doctrines? No way, God forbid, He is not responsible for all doctrinal confusion among the churches! The problem is the leadership. Don’t believe me? Go through your phone book, look up all the Apostolic churches in your area, and call them all up and ask them all the same question about a doctrine besides the Oneness of God and see if they all give you the same answer. Doctrinal disunity is not true unity.

Our doctrine must originate from one God above. That is why Paul said that we “adorn the doctrine of God.” Our doctrine is supposed to come from God. If our doctrine did not come from God, it is false doctrine, and we should not teach it nor believe it! There will be a unity of the faith, this is the whole reason why the Messiah gave gifts (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers) unto men for the PERFECTING of the saints. I am talking about doctrinal unity.


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