The Purpose of Biblical Modesty

I remember sometime back I asked the Lord “Why is it easy for the world to overlook a godly man that dresses modest, but notice a godly woman in modesty?” I often wondered about this seeking the Lord for understanding. He shared with me how that when a godly man dresses modestly, plain in our appearance, and go undetected by the world it is proof we are reflecting His image because when He was in the world, although the world was made by Him, the world knew Him not, until He opened His mouth and taught doctrine.

God has chosen the man to be His image in the likeness of His Son clothed with humility. In all truth God hid Himself inside the body of the Son desiring to attract no attention unto Himself by means of outward looks. But what is amazing is that God has chosen to manifest His doctrine through the body of the woman, which reflects the image of His Church. The man is a type of Christ, and the woman is a type of Church. When a woman dresses in modesty covering up her nakedness it manifests the doctrine of God through the teaching of the man.

Both the male and the female are so important in the Church. Both are chosen vessels unto the Lord created to operate together within their proper place with honor and respect for one another. God has created a place for the man that a woman cannot fulfill, and also God has created a place for the woman that a man cannot fulfill. We all must abide within the confines of Scripture and honor each other and see God work!

This is why it is very important for us men to set the example by covering up our nakedness and letting our character and doctrine define who we are. We don’t need to dress all flashy with expensive suits and chains and gold rings for people to think we are a Christian. Jesus was a plain man, but when He opened His mouth His understanding and doctrine astonished all the people who heard Him. We don’t need to dress immodestly to get the attention of a woman who is not even searching for the Lord with a pure heart. If you want sisters to cover up their chest, back, arms, legs, and thighs then you, men, must be willing to do the same thing first! Us men are supposed to set the example. First partaker of the fruit.

This is also why it is important for women to cover up their nakedness and let their character and doctrine define who they are. Women don’t need to expose their nakedness or wear super tight clothes to reveal their shape to get the attention of a man who is not looking for the Lord with his heart. This is not Churches Chicken. Sisters ought to dress in a way that would make Jesus Himself pleased to call them His wife. If the way a woman dresses in modesty would impress Jesus it will also attract a real godly man instead of attracting a dog looking for a piece of meat. I know this might go over somebody’s head because not a lot of men and women really think of it that way. Whose attention are we trying to get by the way we dress? God, or worldly men and women? If you get the attention of God, you will get the right attention of the godly. God created the body of a woman to be covered and to reveal the image of His Church to those who are searching for God from the heart.

Man = Image and glory of God

Woman = Glory of the man

Man = Type of Christ

Woman = Type of Church

In the same way that the woman is the GLORY OF THE MAN, the Church is supposed to be the visible representation of the GLORY OF CHRIST in the earth. This is why we should not compromise on modesty and covering up our nakedness in the Church because we are supposed to represent the GLORY OF CHRIST which is the head of the Church. How we (both males and females) dress in modest reflects Christ. Remember the words of our Lord Jesus: “Be clothed, and that THE SHAME OF YOUR NAKEDNESS DO NOT APPEAR.”


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