The BODY of Christ

As we go on unto perfection, rooting ourselves in the sound doctrine of the Apostles, we continue to grow in knowledge, and now we must also grow in experience of what we learn. EVANGELISM!!! But in order to effectively do this we must NEVER skip the most important stage in our development called DISCIPLESHIP. Before someone can become skillful in witnessing and biblical evangelism we must become students of doctrine first. We must live, breathe, hunger, and thirst for doctrine! We must know when to speak and when not to speak. We must learn when to answer a question, and how to discern when someone is not asking a question out of sincerity but really setting you up for a trap. A true disciple IS NOT AFRAID to admit when he does not know the answer to a question because he REFUSES to make up a false doctrine or to give a “good enough” rebuttal just to have the last word. Having the last word doesn’t mean someone is right, sometimes the one who has the last word is the one who is wrong EVEN IF they have the right answer but speak it out of a PROUD SPIRIT.

In order to see the Church really grow the way God intends for it to grow

we must learn to OPERATE AS A BODY,



Ministry vs. Congregation, or

Congregation vs. Ministry, or

Ministry vs. Ministry, or

Congregation vs. Congregation!

That will tear THE BODY into pieces. Do you have wisdom? Learn how to hold your peace. Are you more advanced in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit? Humble down because you still lack development, and need the rest of the gifts dispersed throughout the entire BODY to perfect your imperfections also. Has the Lord opened your mouth? He also opened the mouth of the donkey, and then CLOSED IT AGAIN FOREVER! Take heed lest He close yours too. What good is an EYE without the FOOT? THE BODY MUST WORK TOGETHER. The Church is THE BODY OF CHRIST.



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