Thoughts for Today

The more wisdom I receive from God, the more I learn to confess that I don’t know everything. I always search for more understanding of God’s Word so I can unselfishly share it with others without thinking that I am better than someone else because of what I currently know, and what I partially understand (remember that Paul said that “we know in part”). If we are wise it is because God GAVE us wisdom. How can we boast as if it wasn’t a GIFT? As God’s people we must never become self-righteous when God brings our understanding to another level, but it should produce more humility, and more prayer unto God for how we can share it with someone else to CHALLENGE THEM TO THINK instead of trying to PROVE SOMEONE WRONG.

Usually what I do is share with people how I was ignorant to different elements of truth, how God was merciful to my ignorance, and then I pray for what I should talk about to them by using examples of how I used to be ignorant. In this way, I can always make sure that pride, arrogance, and a self-righteous spirit does not sneak its way into my heart, and so I don’t end up closing someone’s mind to the truth because of my bad attitude. Be firm and steadfast with the truth, but pray and seek God for the humility to learn how to share it with someone in a way that they can receive it, instead of running someone away because of a bad presentation of the truth due to pride.


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