I remember the dream…

I remember the dream like it was yesterday. The sky was very dark. In front of me there was a large body of water that seemed to reach unto the end of the earth. On the left of me were very tall trees thick and strong. On the right of me were many houses. I walked down a street towards the houses with a young man that was very frightened by a terrible sight everyone saw in the sky. A great cloud that covered the heavens with a fire unfolding itself behind the cloud. People began coming outside their houses with much fear. I remember not experiencing any fear. I began to ascend into the sky towards the great cloud as the fire unfolded itself behind the cloud. I asked myself, “Why am I flying, only angels can do that?” but truly I already understood why.

As I drew near to the cloud, a line of bright lights (from left to right) evenly spaced out from one another, came out of the great cloud. Then I said, “It is the prince of the power of the air.” As the line of bright lights came closer unto me they became helicopters with shining lights searching for me. I then began to descend towards the tall strong trees for safety from the people of the prince of the power of the air. As I came closer to the trees I saw many men hiding among the trees covered in camouflage. I said, “There are spies among the trees. I was setup.” I remember as I descended I looked at one of the men in the eyes as I drew closer to the ground. He held a great branch in his hands that was pulled back ready to sling me with it as soon as he would let go of it. He let go of the branch and it hit me throwing me to the ground.

When my body hit the ground I quickly got up ready to go to war. My garments were that of a soldier. I found a door in a small abandoned building to take cover in because I knew that a war was about to break out because there were many men hiding among the trees. I peaked out the door and saw the men with crossbows in their hands. I saw some men on the right hand, and I saw some men of the left hand. I did not know who was for me, and who was against me. I did not know if anyone was for me at all! As I peaked out the door the men on my right hand shot at me, and the men on the left hand shot at them. It all happened so fast, and then it got very quiet, but I knew that the war was going to break out again at any moment.

I grabbed one of the wooden arrows that was on the ground since I had no weapon of war as they did. A pale man walked towards me with a cross bow as I grabbed the arrow, and this man was a fearless one. He showed no emotion at all. I put the wooden arrow to his neck without piercing him, and he showed absolutely no fear. I did not want to harm him so I slowly let down the arrow from his neck, and as soon as I let it down he shot at me with his crossbow. I moved out the way just in time as the arrow nearly grazed me. I said, “The hedge has been taken away. I can suffer at any moment now.” As the fearless one shot his arrow at me, the men that were for me, shot at the men that were against me. I took the arrow that was in my right hand, and placed it on the neck of the pale man in front of me again. I told him that I will not let that happen again. It was silent again but I knew the war was not over. Then I woke up.


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