The Voice of a Martyr

I have been pierced through because it pleased those that hate the goodness of God that I proclaim. I have done no crime but yet I was pierced through with the sword. I can hear the laughter of those that hate me; they take pleasure in seeing me bleed. I have nothing to seal or heal my wound. I am loosing blood in the presence of my enemies. They point the finger at me and say “Where is his God now?” Through their eyes they see a man that is dying, but through my eyes I see the world fading away as I lose more blood. I see the world fading away; it is fading away more and more. I have no fear because it was already fading away from me since I have hoped in a better world to come, but now I can see it fading away with my eyes. Just a little while longer and I will enter into rest and wake to see the great God whom I love more than mortality. In this death I am delivered from this world. I have not lost my life, I have found it. I fell asleep as a man who needed rest and closed his eyes. I will rise again, He promised to wake me up from the dust. I am not dead, I am sleeping, and will rise again when I hear the voice of the Son of God!


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