My New Psalm: Now I Remember!

O LORD help me, and rescue me in my distress. The darkness of the night surrounds me on every side. Anguish of spirit draws near unto my soul. But yet in all this, I will look unto you whom my soul loves. You have been my provider and my portion. Hide me in your presence, and let the light of your countenance remind me of all of your tender mercies. I remember when I first trembled at your presence, it felt so right. It was different from all the other fears. This fear did not contain torment, it was controlled by my love for you, and the feeling of unworthiness to be loved by you. I enquired of you concerning the thoughts of your mind, and you only answered me one word, “You.” Now I remember, and now my distress replaced with your perfect love, and with a peace that passes all human understanding. O LORD, you are my help in a time of need.


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