Biblical Malachi 3:8 Tithing and Offering


4 thoughts on “Biblical Malachi 3:8 Tithing and Offering

  1. ©nevarez Post author

    I just made this picture of the Biblical Malachi 3:8 Tithing & Offering. In Malachi 3:8, tithing was not money (see Matthew 23:23, and Luke 11:42), and the offering was not money neither! The offering was an animal sacrifice or an oblation (see Malachi 1:8). This is the Biblical Malachi 3:8 Tithe & Offering. Thank God Malachi 3:8 IS NOT FOR NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH. ツ

    1. Philip

      Tithing robs the “rich” and the “poor” in churches today.
      Its robs the rich of Godly blessings.
      It robs the poor by putting them under stress and obligation that is not biblical in the way its practiced today.


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