Altar Calls: Non-Apostolic Practice

Altar Calls: Non-Apostolic Practice

Written by: Minister C. Nevarez 

There are many people within the Church today that lack the simple understanding that the Church is not a building made with human hands, and as a result of this many believe in a modern-day practice which is called “altar call” that is not found within the pages of Scripture. Mind you, if we are the Temple of God, neither one of the altars (brazen or golden) are physical altars. The brazen altar signified repentance, and the golden altar symbolizes worship and prayer. Those two physical altars in the Old Covenant were abolished when the Lord nailed them to His cross establishing the New Covenant.

The so-called “altar call” believes in a backless bench, or a stepping area near the pulpit that people traditionally call an “altar” by the doctrine of men, and not according to what is written in the Scriptures itself. Did the apostles have this custom? Why is there NO RECORD of the apostles leaving us one single example of this practice? The so-called “altar call” practice is not an apostolic practice, but yet many apostolics have bit the hook, and are almost ready to be scaled. The “altar call” is the invention of a man named Charles Grandison Finney (1792 – 1875), a former 3rd degree Master Mason. Charles G. Finney was the creator of what is called the “anxious seat” which was later transformed into a backless bench that people call an altar.

charles-finneyCharles G. Finney

Is our altar something made with human hands? No way! Only someone who is as carnal minded as Charles G. Finney would believe something like that! As I said before there is NOT ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE FROM THE SCRIPTURE of the apostles’ leaving us this modern day tradition. No apostle ever believed a man-made piece of furniture was an altar!

Let me make this clear, I am not speaking out against prayer at the end of a service, there is nothing wrong with having prayer at anytime. What I am speaking out against is calling a bench or piece of furniture “the altar.” Many of the so-called altars do not even come close in fitting the description of a biblical altar!

The fake modern day altar call is an non-apostolic practice, and not ONE SINGLE person that believes it can come up with ONE SINGLE SCRIPTURE to support it! You are God’s true sanctuary, the true golden altar of incense is within you, and you don’t have to come to a fake, unbiblical, non-apostolic altar to repent of your sins.


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